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Fairview employs an Animal Control Officer to protect private and public areas from unwanted animals of all kinds. Dogs and exotic animals kept, as pets must be annually licensed with the City and the owners must provide evidence of current, applicable vaccinations. Dog tags are renewable as of June 1 of each year and on one Saturday in mid-June the Animal Control Officer and a local veterinarian will host a clinic at the Fairview Fire Station for owners to get their dogs vaccinated and re-licensed in one easy process. Posting of the date and time for this program will be placed in the local newspaper and on this web site page when the date has been established.

Puppy Love
Sitting pooch
We work hard at finding the owners of the lost dogs!

State laws provide certain protections to dogs that are kenneled because they were running loose within the community. We must keep them for 72 hours before they are euthanized. During that time, if the owner can be found or if the owner makes an inquiry through the Police Department, the dog will be returned. Prior to being returned, all fines, kenneling costs, inoculations and tags must be paid. It is the philosophy and desire of the City of Fairview to make every effort to find the owner of these dogs and reunite them. But, more simply (and cheaper!), owners who don't allow their animal to run at large won't have to pay these costs. Sometimes, however, despite the efforts of well-meaning dog owners, Spot might get loose. If the dog is properly licensed, the tag number will allow us to know whose dog it is and we can return it safe and sound.


Stray animals present a different kind of opportunity for us all. The Animal Control and Police Officers are quite diligent in their efforts to collect stray dogs and cats. We maintain a number of "live traps," allowing us to trap these animals without doing harm to them. These animals, also, will be kenneled for 3 days. We also maintain a list of people in or outside the city who would like to adopt either a dog or cat and we will place these animals with those folks who will give them care and love. If you would like to adopt a dog or cat, contact the Animal Control Officer through the Police Department or by the email link on this page. Since we do not keep stray animals very long, it would be impossible to keep a current listing of them here. Here is a link to a website which has several links to other animal rescue centers in Oklahoma. http://www.okpetgazette.com/okcwlfr.html

Our Goals
  • To provide the best possiable safety for our citizens.
  • To make an effort to find the owners of each lost pet.
  • To promote animal intervention in the cases of animal abuse or neglect.

Our partners offer the benefits of years of experience gained from previous positions. We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations.